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About Summer Internships

  • Undergraduate students awarded scholarships will each receive an opportunity to participate in a 10 week Summer internship at a NASA facility, with a stipend of $10,000.
  • Graduate students awarded the scholarship will each receive an opportunity to participate in two (2) 10 week internships at a NASA facility, with a stipend of $10,000.

Student Requirements

Each student that has decided to participate in the Summer internship is required to submit a brief statement that contains the facility of their choice, and their proposed area of work. All proposed work must be supported at one of the labs listed below.  All work must be in aeronautics-related research.

It is recommended that students submit their internship plans in the Fall of the year prior to the start of their internship, in order to receive approval. Once an internship has been approved by NASA's ARMD, preparations will be made to ensure that all arrangements are made to allowing for students to finalize their travel and accommodations during the Summer.

All students participating in a Summer internship are required to submit a report, documenting their work, as well as a report from their advisor, stating that they participated fully throughout the Summer.

All summer interns will make a trip to NASA headquarters in Washington, DC for a briefing to the associate administrator of aeronautics research, and to participate in other activities.

NASA Facilities

Ames Research Center

Dryden Flight Research Center

Glenn Research Center

Langley Research Center



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